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CHKN is an awesome new sandbox game in which you can build an endless combination of bizarre creatures block-by-block, with unique personalities and emotions, then bond with them as you explore new lands.

Building life-forms in CHKN is surprisingly easy, much like Minecraft you just slot blocks together to form whatever creations you desire.  After you’ve built your ungodly abomination you then simply have to exit the editor and it will spring to life.  There’s no need to ‘program’ it with commands or decide how it moves, the game does all that for you, with each creature behaving differently and with different personalities depending on which building blocks you’ve used.

Once you’ve created your mutant masterpieces that would even cause Dr Moreau so say ‘what the hell it that thing?!’, you can then play with them, take them for a walk and feed them.  This helps you form a bond with the creature, and let’s face it, if you’ve built a 30 foot tall mutant horse-chicken-icorn it’s probaby best to be on it’s good side!

It’s still early in development, but the animal building sandbox of CHKN is already a joy to play around with – thanks largely to the endless possibilities of bizarre beasts you can build and the ease of which you can build them.  It’s the Minecraft of mutant animals – a joyously silly sandbox in which you can create a giant chicken-dog-snake then feed it hamburgers!

If You’d Like More Of This Mutant Madness, Vote for CHKN on Greenlight!

Download The CHKN Alpha Build Here (Win, Mac & Linux)

3 thoughts on “CHKN – Alpha Download”

  1. CHKN, the concept of it at least, is very nice. I like the idea of a Spore-style game where you can created creatures and edit them in real time to see how they act. The different types of creatures and the art style make this game feel unique, which is good with a mechanic that is very similar to popular voxel games.

    It will be interesting to see this game change and form as it progresses.

    Things I would like to see:
    + Creatures that are just natural born enemies of one another.
    + Terra-forming
    + Combos that give way to certain abilities
    + Breeding

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