Chook and Sosig Hit the Club – Game Jam Build Download

Chook and sosig hit the club game download

Chook and Sosig Hit the Club, a charming point and click game made for the Adventure Jam 2017, sees you playing a cat who has to prove he’s stealthy, funny and destructive enough to join a goblin role playing club!

You (Sosig) have decided that you want to become a goblin after seeing an add in the paper! Surely, you would make one of the best goblins, so you have gone to the local pub to enquire. Becoming a goblin is not something that can just be done, however. They do not let just anyone become a goblin!

To become a goblin you must complete three trials – you must prove you are stealthy by stealing something, prove you are good at tomfoolery by making one of the judges laugh, and prove you are into destruction by destroying or vandalising something. All of this must take place in the pub, where the bartenders can judge you and decide if you’d make a good goblin.

The puzzles in Chook and Sosig Hit the Club are fondly reminiscent of old school Lucasarts adventures, requiring a little experimentation and lateral thinking to solve (or just combining things randomly until they do something). The artwork and humor is excellent, and all the characters are a joy to get to know. Only the best of goblins can figure out how to complete the three trials, so hopefully you make the cut!

Note: Click and Hold to see your options when trying to interact with an object.

Note 2: This is actually Chook and Sosig’s third outing, you can check out the rest here (they contain a lot more Chook)

Download Chook and Sosig Hit the Club Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)