Christmas Carnage – Beta Demo

Christmas Carnage is an incredibly gory festive horror game where a psychotic Santa and a chainsaw wielding psycho have invaded your house.

In Christmas Carnage your home has been invaded by a couple of psychopaths who have brutally murdered your entire family. You now need to find a flashlight and a couple of keys as you try and escape to the basement while avoiding the psychos as they roam the halls.

You’ll die a lot in Christmas Carnage. The Santa who roams around upstairs is fairly easy to avoid, but if the chainsaw psycho downstairs spots you then you’re pretty much dead. You need to learn their routes and listen out for them as you sneak about the house (leaning with Q/E is handy)

It’s definitely not for the squeamish (there’s LOTS of gore and disfigured naked corpses) and the chainsaw psycho insta-death seems a little unfair, but it’s a promising game nonetheless. The psychos are terrifying, the creepy christmasy soundtrack works well and there are lots of great environmental details (such as all the inventive ways your family have been dispatched). The psychos have clearly been having a lot of festive fun at your house, but will you be able to avoid them having a little fun with you?

Download Christmas Carnage Here (Windows)