Chromesthesia – Game Jam Build

Chromesthesia is a beautiful, chilled out audio-visual experience that allows you to fly around randomized landscapes made out of thousands of independently moving colored poles.

There is no objective to Chromesthesia, no enemies and no puzzles to solve, you just soar around colorful moving landscapes, listening to chilled out sounds and taking in the beauty of it all. It’s a wonderful experience that’s little like being inside a huge 3D graphic equalizer. You can explore each landscape as much as you like then if you touch one of the colored balls that bounce around the area then you’ll be transported to another landscape, still made up of the same colored poles, but with different music and a different procedurally generated algorithm that makes the movement and color patterns of the poles behave differently.

It’s a beautiful and relaxing experience that provides a wonderful environment for you to immerse yourself in (especially in VR). It’s the sort of thing that should be prescribed to anyone with high stress levels as a few minutes in this vibrant pulsating world will make all of your worries drift away. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Chromesthesia Here (Windows, Mac & VR)