Chrono Disfunglement – Student Project Download

chrono disfunglement

Chrono Disfunglement is a stylish platformer that combines elements from adventure games, puzzle-solving, and the awesome time control ability like  Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, and expands on it.

This is a student project from Digipen that was released last year.  You’ll traverse gorgeous game levels that are reminiscent of the sky obstacle courses from Super Mario Sunshine, floating blocks and geometric shapes, with a sci-fi, almost Tron-like sheen. You have the ability to rewind or fast forward time in an attempt to escape this strange world where you have been trapped. It’s possible to either affect the entire world or target a specific object and control the time flow directly for that single thing.

Chrono Disfunglement has a beautiful soundtrack and offers relaxing, fun, and interesting gameplay that may remind you of Portal, but still stands on its own to create a unique game atmosphere. What’s even more impressive is that the game runs on its own engine, custom built by students using OpenGL with a C++ base. It’s so well put-together that you’d think it was running on Unity3D. This is a straightforward, puzzle platformer that speaks for itself and the best way to get you acquainted with this project is to let you just go and play it.

Download Chrono Disfunglement HERE