Church of Stratum – Beta Demo

Church of Stratum is a creepy first person adventure where you have the ability to peer into the past as you try to escape from an abandoned bunker that was home to a religious cult.

In Church of Stratum you find a cave whilst out for a walk in the wilderness. While exploiting the cave the ground collapses below you and you fall into an old bunker. It seems to have been home to a strange cult, but has been abandoned for a few decades. Now you need to explore the bunker, solve puzzles, meet ghosts and get long dormant machinery up and running again so that you can make your escape.

Church of Stratum does have a creepy atmosphere and a dark narrative, but it’s more of a mystery adventure than a full on horror game. As you explore the bunker you unravel its dark past and help restless spirits find peace. It’s a very large bunker, and you’ll need to pay attention to clues, scavenge useful items and solve puzzles to stand a chance of ever escaping. A key piece of equipment that will aid you on your adventure is a mysterious lamp that allows you to see the bunker as it was in the past – you can’t interact with anything in the past, but it can hint at what you need to do in the present.

It’s a promising game with inventive puzzles, clever environmental design, an eerie atmosphere and an intriguing narrative. A spooky old bunker well worth dropping in on.

Download The Church of Stratum Beta Demo Here (Steam)