Cinderella Escape! – Alpha Demo

Cinderella Escape

Cinderella Escape! takes the classic fairytale and adds some very odd plot changes, Anime character design, maze-based puzzles and jiggly boob physics to create an oddity with some very rough edges (as well as some very curvy ones).

There are some very intriguing design choices in Cinderella Escape! – the two ‘ugly sisters’ seem to dress as if they’re off to some sort of bondage party and Cinderella looks less like a princess and more like she belongs in a Dead or Alive game.  The story is where things really get weird though – with Cinderella going to the royal ball, then witnesses the King (who is black) being murdered by his son, the Prince (who is white?!), then the Prince pinning in on Cinderella and throwing her in the dungeon.  Luckily your fairy godmother comes to the rescue, and you start your adventure.

The Alpha Demo features the first 10 levels, and the gameplay is quite fun, with you traversing three dimensional mazes, moving and smashing blocks, with only a set amount of jumps and kicks at your disposal.  We’d love to see as much love going into the visuals of the mazes as the characters, as they do seem rather bland in comparison at the moment.  As you progress, you earn XP, and level up and earn currency which will be used to purchase clothing and accessories in the full game.

To call Cinderella Escape! a good game is certainly pushing it, but the maze-based puzzle gameplay does show promise and the story is bound to (unintentionally) cause a few laughs.  Perhaps it the devs could spend as much time on the level design as they have animating Cinderella’s boobs….

UPDATE: This Alpha Is No Longer Available