CipherPilot – Alpha Demo

CipherPilot is an incredibly fast and brutally tough survival racer where you race at break-neck speeds through 100+ levels of corrupted cyberspace.

The goal in each level of CipherPilot is simple – survive. It takes place in a glitchy cyberspace called “The Verse” that’s being destroyed by “The Corruption”. As you race through the Verse you need to stay ahead of the Corruption, while also avoiding hitting anything in your way (which is easier said than done. Along the way you’ll learn about the origin of the Verse and why the Corruption wants to destroy it.

If you have a tendency to rage-quit then you’d best stay well clear of CipherPilot. It’s insanely tough and you’ll need the reflexes of a cat on cocaine to make it past the fourth level. It is incredibly addictive though and the audio and visual design makes for a mesmerizing experience. The narrative seems quite interesting too, though you’ll need a lot of skill and perseverance to see any of it!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The CipherPilot Alpha Demo Here (Steam)