Circa Infinity – Beta Demo


Circa Infinity is a hypnotizing twitch platformer that sees you traversing trippy black and white levels made up of a multitude of recursive circles, with you flipping and jumping between them, while avoiding enemies.

It starts off fairly simply with you jumping between planes and deeper into the center of the concentric circles.  Things soon get a lot tougher though as more different types of enemies are introduced – especially the ones that can jump between planes themselves.  You have to keep your wits around you as you figure out how to avoid increasingly complex waves of enemies, dodging, running and jumping ever further into the maze of circles.

Featuring stylish visuals, innovative gameplay and an excellent soundtrack, Circa Infinity is a unique and mind bending experience.  Well worth playing a-round with.

Check out the Circa Infinity Greenlight Page HERE

Download The Circa Infinity Beta Demo HERE (Win & Mac)