Circle Empires – Alpha Download


Circle Empires is an easily accessible and highly addictive RTS in which you build a small army and conquer the the map one little circular empire at a time.

In Circle Empires you gather resources and purchase a wide range of units to build your army much like in any RTS. Circle Empires has a unique world design though, that sees you conquering the map one mini-kingdom at a time. As well as a wide array of cute little normal units there are some special ones you can unlock by opening mystery packages, such as vampires and ghosts – powerful units that are very handy in a fight. You have to be careful not to overstretch your reach though as you conquer more kingdoms, as there are some powerful armies out there that will smash you if you provoke them before you’re aptly prepared.

Circle Empires’ cute visuals, streamlined gameplay and unique modular world design feels like a breath of fresh air to the RTS genre. It’s a charming, challenging and super addictive gameplay can make an hour fly by so fast that it feels like ten minutes. An excellent RTS that we highly recommend getting a-round to!

Download the Circular Empires Alpha Here (Win, Mac & Linux)