Cirkoban Cubed – Game Jam Build

Cirkoban Cubed is a cleverly crafted Sokoban style block pushing puzzle where you attempt to line up circuits on rotatable cubic puzzle boxes.

Created for the Extra Credits Game Jam, Cirkoban Cubed is an inventive little puzzler that really tests your spatial awareness as you attempt to shift circuits on a rotatable cube to make them all line up. You rotate the cube by moving the mouse and can move the little blue blocks found on each surface by using the WASD keys. It starts off fairly easily, but the difficulty soon ramps up as more complex circuits are introduced, requiring some real forward planning to solve them.

It’s a very clever concept that literally adds a whole new dimension to the traditional Sokoban puzzler. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Cirkoban Cubed Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)