Citadel 1986 – Beta Demo

Citadel 1986

Citadel 1986 is a quirky platformer in which you explore a strange world filled with bizarre broken animatronic creatures.

The Citadel was built in 1986 by a lunatic. After 30 long years of decomposition, you are the first person to discover this strange place by accidentally falling straight into it. A madman, hiding behind a computer screen, wishes to stop you from discovering his dark secrets and escaping. In your way are all manner of strange broken down, animatronic creatures, such as floppy disks and staplers. You are unable to fight these villains, and must instead avoid them while collecting keys.

Different areas are locked away, while keys float around waiting to be collected. If you collect five keys, you will be able to move onto the next area. Different monsters hide in different areas and should be avoided at all cost as they can mean instant death. You’ll also find pools of water can swim through (but watch your breath) and there are pools of acid/lava which won’t be so forgiving if you land in them.

It’s still early in development, but Citadel 1986 impresses with its quirky premise and gameplay fondly reminiscent of the spectrum classic – Manic Miner.  A charming little retro platforming oddity.

Download The Citadel 1986 Beta Demo Here (Win Only)