Citizen Burger Disorder – Open Alpha

citizen burger disorder

Citizen Burger Disorder is a fun online multiplayer QWOP-style game that puts you in the shoes of an employee at a burger joint.

The control scheme is purposely awkward, with WASD used to move, Q and E operating each arm independently and the left and right mouse buttons uses to grab items with the respective hands.  With these controls building a burger can be a tricky task, usually resulting in the ingredients getting scattered across the floor (but the customers don’t need to know that).

Citizen Burger Disorder is still very early in development and full of bugs, particularly when playing online with others.  However, despite it’s rough edges (and sometimes because of them) it’s a fun game that shows plenty of promise, especially when you’re being a bad employee – trashing the kitchen and serving customers food that you’ve picked up off the floor.  You really wouldn’t want to eat any of the burgers that we make!

Update: Due to extremely high demand recently, there may be issues creating an account or connecting to the servers.  This should just be temporary though, so please try again later if you’re having trouble.  In the meantime, feel free to check out Tea Party Simulator for more chaotic QWOP food serving fun, or take your frustrations out in the equally chaotic Smoking Simulator.

Watch us make some very unsanitary burgers HERE

Want a heads-up when this reaches Steam? Follow our Steam Curator page HERE

To play Citizen Burger Disorder register HERE then Play in a Unity Supported Browser HERE

29 thoughts on “Citizen Burger Disorder – Open Alpha”

  1. well I used it in crome and the words in the start for the username and password and stuff were just boxes and I could not figure out how to grab things so you should relly put some instrutcher

    • Yeah, I’m sure a tutorial will be added later on, it is still very early in development. But I quite enjoyed figuring out the controls and finding out what you can and can’t do. :)

    • Hi! Just allow the plugin on your web browser (on chrome, there is a small box in the top right of the browser). If that doesn’t work you may have to install the Unity plugin. If that doesn’t work, try another browser! :)

      • omg calum this game on krit kind of dont work on me i did download unity web player and made a account but it wont let me play it keep saying download unity web player

        • Hi! If you’ve already downloaded and installed the Unity web player, there will be a pop-up when you reach the Citizen Burger Disorder page asking if you want to allow the site to use the Unity web player (on Chrome this is located in the top right of the page and just says ‘pop-up blocked’).

          If you still can’t access the game after this, I’d recommend using a different browser, but you’ll have to install Unity again for that specific browser.

          Happy burger flipping! :)

    • Unfortunately, due to very high demand the website is down as it can’t handle the amount of people logging on at one time. For those who can’t get on we’d recommend trying again later, or at a different time of the day. I’m sure you’ll be able to start flipping those burgers eventually! :)

      • hi, i can’t it says this on the top of the screen when i try to go to, or try to create an account, or try to login

        Error – Could not connect to the site database.
        If this message persists (it probably will), you can email to let me know, or email
        to send me pictures of kittens that you have drawn hats onto using Microsoft Paint.

        • Haha, that’s one of the best error messages I’ve ever read!

          Unfortunately due to very high demand it’s been breaking the servers, so it looks like they may of disabled registration for the time being. It will probably just be temporary though, so try again later. :)

          • Yeah this was happening to me yesterday and it still isnt working lol. Im going to ask my friend if I can use his account cause i wanna flip some paddys :P

  2. It says I need a dx9 graphics driver installed I tried my HARDEST and it didn’t work and all I wanted to do is flip a burger and put it on a paty and feed it to a customer can someone help and I don’t want to buy anything

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