City of Beats – Open Beta

City of Beats is a very stylish musical roguelite shooter where you get your groove on as all of your character’s actions are synced up to the beat.

Currently in development by Torched Hill (creator of Road to Ballhalla), City of Beats sees you blasting your way through the rooftops of an ever-changing futuristic cyberpunk city. You don’t need rhythm to succeed and you don’t need to time button presses in time to the music. It takes a Rez-esque approach to the music elements of the game, with you able to move and shoot freely, but your shots and actions adding to the smorgasbord of musical soundtrack. Also, enemies move and attack along to the beat of the song, helping you to anticipate attacks and time your dodges.

You make your way across the city by choosing a pathway from rooftop to rooftop, with each individual rooftop being a little battleground that must be defeated before moving on. You earn parks for completing most rooftops and there are also shops along the way that you can purchase equipment and health from.

Initially it does feel like your gun is a little too underpowered, but other than that City of Beats is a great game. The visuals are beautiful, the gameplay is fast and fun, and the way the music cleverly syncs up with the gameplay gives the same endorphin rush that you get from Rez. A cityscape roguelite shooter that’s hard to beat!

Join in the City of Beats Beta Here (Click “Request Access”)