City of Sakadachi – Game Jam Build

City of Sakadachi is a wonderfully inventive puzzle platforming adventure where you can flip the gravity of the world around you while clinging to the ground with your hands.

Created for the Unity 1 Week Game Jam in City of Sakadachi you control a young girl who loves doing handstands (sakadachi) and when she does them then the gravity of everything around her flips, leaving her clinging to the ground by her hands. Large crates can be pushed around the levels and when you flip the gravity then they will move up and down accordingly. You need to use this to allow you to clear obstructions and make your way to the exit of each level. Later on things get even more complex, with the ability to flip the screen (and your own gravity), which is when things really get confusing!

It’s a very impressive game with a charming pixel art visual style, a clever twist on gravity flipping gameplay and some very challenging level design. A delightful little puzzle platformer well worth delving into.

Note: The text is all in Japanese, but the controls are: Arrow keys – move, Z – Jump, X – Flip gravity, R – Reload Level

Play The Full Game, Free (Browser)