Clan N – Alpha Demo

Clan N is a stylish hack n’ slash samurai beat ‘em up with co-op play for up to four players as you battle your way through minions, minigames and powerful bosses.

Drawing inspiration from classic arcade beat ‘em ups and modern Castle Crashers style brawlers, Clan N allows you to take control of one of four powerful warriors and battle your way through a mythical ancient Far East land. Each of the four characters has their own light, heavy, ranged and special attacks, as well as being able to dodge roll and block incoming attacks.

The current build of Clan N features one large level, which features one minigame and ends with a teaser for a big boss fight. It’s playable with up to four players locally and online play will be available in the full game. There’s a nice variety of enemies and they offer a real challenge, requiring you do dodge around them and take them out one at a time, rather than just button mashing your way to victory.

At the end of the day it’s an old school arcade beat ‘em up, so the gameplay is always going to be a little shallow, but there’s a lot to like for fans of the genre. The pixel art visuals are beautiful, the combat is fun, the controls are responsive, the enemies are challenging and the occasional minigame can shake things up a little. Well worth checking out for a bit of hack n’ slash arcade fun.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Clan N Alpha Demo Here (Windows)