Clarent – Alpha Demo


Clarent is a very cool new metroidvania adventure, full of big swords, excellent pixel art animation and challenging gameplay reminiscent of the Dark Souls series.

You control a mysterious lone warrior called Noir, who wakes up in a strange place, filled with deadly knights and ghouls that are all keen to put an end to your adventure. Clarent plays a lot like a classic Castlevania game, with you capable of close range attacks with your sword and long range, magical attacks that drain your mana. It’s still early in development so things could change, but a the moment it looks like Clarent is adopting a Dark Souls style of storytelling – low on narrative, but rich in lore. Another similarity to Dark Souls is the fiendishly tough gameplay, with deadly bosses and attack and dodge-style combat that requires a little tactical strategy.

Even in these early stages of development, Clarent is a joy to play – a challenging Dark Soulsian metroidvania set in a deadly, but beautiful world full of lush pixel art animation and a great sense of atmosphere. A very impressive soulsvaina.

Note:  You can replenish your mana by standing next to (not on top of) a corpse and pressing up. You’ll also need to do this to open boss doors.

Note 2:  You can change the screen size in the options menu.

UPDATE: This Beta Is No Longer Available