Clash: Robot Detective – Game Jam Build Download

Clash: Robot Detective is a narrative driven game where you are making choices that affect how your character acts and what you are doing!

A human in a world full of robots that can help your every need, you find yourself on your first holiday in quite some time, on a relaxing cruise. Well, that is, until a robot goes haywire and starts attacking people – including you. Soon, your relaxing holiday ends up with you helping a real, probably sentient robot detective solve a mysterious case.

You see, robots need to prove they are real enough to actually get human-like rights, otherwise, their work is for free and they don’t have any of their needs met. Clash, a robot detective, feels he probably is human enough, and is trying to solve this case to prove he deserves his rights. But, he still doesn’t pick up on everything humans do, so having a human companion can be helpful.

When it comes to ships being hacked, robots being taken over, and people getting hurt – there is a lot going on in the backstory of Clash: Robot Detective. And, you’ll need to help uncover it all, while keeping your own meaning and mood at check, as this will change your ending and how your new detective friend reacts to you. Clash: Robot Detective has a captivating story, but is also in a really interesting world, full of strange robot people. Also, there are plenty of achievements too!

Download Clash: Robot Detective Here (Windows & Linux)