Classroom Aquatic is a ridiculous game where you take on the roll of a foreign exchange student in a school of dolphins.

Unfortunately for you, your class is doing a test, which you’re you’ve got no chance of passing unaided as you don’t know any of the answers.  This means if you you’re going to pass the test you’re going to have to use stealth and sneaky distractions to sneak a peak at the other students answers.  You’ll have to be careful though, as you really don’t want to get caught.  Getting told off in first person, by your dolphin teacher is a strange and rather terrifying experience!

Classroom aquatic is a great game that takes a simple, unique idea and runs (or swims if you prefer) with it.  It’s a wonderfully fresh take on the stealth genre.  You’ll never look at dolphins in the same way after you’ve been told off by one.

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Download the Alpha Demo HERE or HERE (Win, Mac, Linux & Oculus Rift)