Claustrowordia – Game Jam Build Download

Claustrowordia is an addictive word-based game that essentially reverses the rules of a word-search puzzle, with you attempting to place letters in a grid to maximise the amount of words that they spell.

Created for Ludum Dare 50, Claustrowordia plays like a blend of scrabble and a reverse word-search puzzle. In the game you have a selection of letters and must place them on the grid to spell out words. You can spell words forwards or backwards and you get points for all the smaller words within larger words (so “drug” also earns you points for “rug”).

As you use your letters up they are replaced with more and the game ends when you fill the whole grid. Every now and again you are also given a choice of three perks, which can help you earn more points or give you a little more space to work with on the grid.

It’s a simple concept that works remarkably well and is incredibly addictive. It’s even got six different dictionary languages you can use and an online leaderboard. See if you can earn yourself a place in the top ten!

Play Claustrowordia Here (Windows, Mac, Linux & Browser)