Clawface – Student Project Game

Clawface is a very intense synthwave isometric twin-stick shooter that sees you controlling a cute little customizable robot as it shoots and eats massive hordes of monsters.

Created by students at EAE Utah, Clawface is a fast-paced, stylish and blood splattered twin-stick shooter set in a morphing battleground against endless waves of alien monsters. To aid you in combat you have a nice selection of weapons, with you able to attach one to each arm of the robot and then dual wield them in battle.

You’ll encounter 11 types of enemies as you battle your way through the game, each with different attack styles and each wave getting more difficult as bullets and alien bodies fill the screen. It’s very tough, but thankfully you have a nifty ability to grab stunned aliens and eat them, replenishing your health in the process.

Clawface is a case of a simple premise done well, with tight controls, stylish synthwave visuals and super challenging gameplay. It even has a handy editor so that you can create and share your own custom alien blasting levels. A slick and stylish monster munching shooter well worth taking a bite out of.

Download Clawface Here (Steam)