Clayton’s Quest – Student Project Download

Clayton’s Quest is an cheerful and charming third person puzzle platforming adventure that feels fondly reminiscent of N64 classics as you help your cute little clay man save his friends from evil dust bunnies.

Clayton’s Quest takes place in the Crafty Kingdom, a vibrant land filled with arts and crafts paraphernalia. You control a quirky little clay man called Clayton as he attempts to save the kingdom from the evil dust bunnies that have invaded. It’s an old school collectathon platformer at heart, that draws favorable comparisons to Mario 64 and Banjo Kazooie.

Clayton can run, jump, climb ledges and attack, as well as being able to turn into a ball and roll around at speed. He’s a delightful little character who makes exploring the colorful game world a joy. There’s lots to discover too, with lots of fun little secrets, hidden collectibles, unlockable outfits, secret areas and quirky characters to fund.

It’s a great little game that harkens back to the golden age of the puzzle platformer, with cute characters, a cheerful game world and lots to discover. A charming platforming romp well worth checking out.

Download Clayton’s Quest Here (Windows)