Cleaving Caliber – Alpha Download

Cleaving Caliber blends Break-Out style gameplay with a Silent Scope rail shooter presentation as you bounce a scope around the screen to line up shots.

Currently in development by hwilson (creator of LOCUST USA and Bumpers & Broadswords), Cleaving Caliber is an addictive retro arcade game where you’re a spotter for an elite marksman in a tactical response squad. Your goal in each level is to line up the targeting reticule on the bad guys so that the sniper can take them out, which you do by bouncing it around the screen like a Break-Out ball.

The current build of Cleaving Caliber features two sizeable multi-area levels, complete with boss fights. They’re a lot of fun to play through, have a nice amount of variety and feature the sort of excellent soundtrack and pixel art we’ve come to expect from hwilson. A clever mash-up of genres, well worth checking out.

Download The Cleaving Caliber Alpha Here (Windows)