Climb Fall Repeat – Game Jam Build Download

climb fall repeat

Climb Fall Repeat is a simple, but addictive little low poly mountain climbing game in which you play a very determined climber who won’t let little things like getting his limbs ripped off by falling boulders stop him from reaching the summit!

Created for the Unreal Engine September Jam, Climb Fall Repeat simply tasks you with climbing up a snow-capped mountain and reaching its summit. This is easier said than done though as there’s a constant stream of boulders rolling down the mountainside that could easily knock a less skilled climber off.

Thankfully a single hit from a boulder won’t knock you off the mountain, but it will rip off one of your limbs. This doesn’t seem to faze your plucky climber too much, with him continuing on with streams of blood spurting out of his stumps, but if you lose all of your limbs you’re pretty screwed (you can’t hang on with just your teeth!).

The gameplay in Climb Fall Repeat is fairly basic, with you simply having to dodge rocks and climb a mountain, but presentation is excellent, the limb loss is pretty cool and it can get very challenging once you near the summit. A fun little low poly mountain climbing game that you may end up paying an arm and a leg for (literally!)

Download Climb Fall Repeat Here (Windows)