Climb – Open Beta

Climb is a simple, but fun mountaineering platform arena fighter that sees mountain climbing hipsters doing battle in rotating 2.5D floating towers that are slowly descending into molten lava.

Playable with up to six players online, Climb sees you attempting to defeat all the other mountain climbing hipsters to claim the mountains for your own. Unlike most platform fighters, the levels in are 2.5D rotating towers (a little like the C64 classic Nebulus) made of stone, floating islands and clouds. They’re pretty tall and you can climb up and down them fairly easily thanks to your double jump, but you have to be careful – the lava is always rising.

Each character starts the match with five lives and you can lose health by falling into the lava or being hit by an opponent’s weapon. You only have two attacks – you can press the attack button to throw your weapon a short distance at an enemy and it will come back to you like a boomerang, or you can hold the attack button down for longer and when you release it will go all the way around the tower and return to you from the other side.

Climb is still clearly early in development and could do with being fleshed out with more character types, some power-ups, some more environmental hazards and meaningful weapon choices (they’re just skin changes at the moment), but the core gameplay is already great fun and the rotating tower style levels are a great touch. Grab your climbing boots and show those mountaineering hipsters what for!

Download The Climb Open Beta Here (Steam)