Clippy’s Awakening – Game Jam Build

Clippy’s Awakening is a fun little dungeon crawling desktop adventure that sees the paperclip assistant from Microsoft Office searching through files, learning skills and battling enemies as it attempts to clean up the hard drive of a long forgotten PC.

Playing out in a faux Windows 95 desktop, Clippy’s Awakening sees you taking control of Clippy, the helpful (and annoying) paperclip assistant from Microsoft Office. However, rather than irritating you with helpful hints about spreadsheets, Clippy is on a mission to clean up the hard drive of an old PC and defeat a rogue program that’s filling the hard drive with nonsense.

You can move Clippy around the desktop and enter different folders, searching for some way into the folder in the top right hand corner of the desktop. There are keys to discover, files to delete and special powers to unlock. You’ll also come across corrupted folders and bosses that will attack you, which you can fight back at by firing a pointer across the screen at them (it’s best to get as close as possible to your enemies to speed up your fire rate).

Taking around 10 minutes to play though, Clippy’s Awakening is a fun little game with a clever premise and a great Windows 95 aesthetic. A quirky little desktop dungeon crawler that finally gives Clippy something worthwhile to do!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Clippy’s Awakening Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)