Clocker – Beta Demo

Clocker is a beautiful hand drawn narrative-driven puzzle adventure where you can use a mysterious pocket watch to alter the timelines of NPCs in the game world and help a father reunite with his daughter.

As we mentioned last week during the Beta key giveawayClocker is a time-bending puzzle adventure that sees a father trapped in a world where time stands still while his daughter tries to find him in the version of the world where time passes normally. The Beta demo doesn’t have the full content of the Beta we covered last week, but it does feature the first chapter of the game which takes around 45 minutes to playthrough.

After an accident involving a mysterious pocket watch a father finds himself trapped in a version of the world where time stands still and he can use the pocket watch to move individual NPCs a few seconds forward and backwards in time. You need to use this ability to alter how each scene plays out, allowing you to gather different fragments of the watch in the process and hopefully fix time.

The majority of the gameplay in Clocker is from the father’s perspective but once you complete a section, you switch to controlling the daughter who follows along his path and can watch how the various interactions play out in real-time after the father has altered the timelines. Depending on how the father altered the timelines you may even earn special coins from NPCs for completing certain NPC’s stories.

It’s a very cleverly crafted puzzler that allows for a variety of different ways for scenes to play out depending on your actions. The narrative is intriguing, the artwork is beautiful and each scene is packed full of lots of great little details and inventive puzzles. A time-twisting puzzler well worth clocking in for.

You Can Check Out Clocker on Steam Here

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Clocker Beta Demo Here (Windows)