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Clocker is a beautiful and cleverly crafted time-bending narrative driven adventure game where you can manipulate the timelines of NPC’s in a world where time is frozen to solve puzzles and change the narrative.

In Clocker you switch between a father who is trapped in a version of the world where time is frozen and his daughter who is searching for her father in a version of the world where time is passing normally. While controlling the father the entire world is frozen in time, but you can use a mysterious pocket watch to move individual NPCs and animals backwards and forwards in time by a few seconds.

By using the father’s time-bending skills you can subtly and dramatically change how each scene plays out and use it to solve the game’s cleverly designed puzzles. So for instance if a policeman firing a gun scares a cat away, you can rewind the policeman’s timeline to before he fired the gun, then rewind the cat’s timeline and then see how it plays out without the gun firing. It’s a little hard to explain, but it’s a very intuitive system that allows for some very creative puzzle design.

A particular highlight is when you finish a main section of the game as the father and you switch to the daughter’s perspective, allowing you to see how all your tiny alterations in the timeline play out in real-time. It’s these moments when you can really appreciate how your actions as the father alter the timeline – not just in big ways, but in small ways, like people finding their pets or affecting who gets a seat in a restaurant. You really do feel like you’re messing with time, not just solving binary puzzles.

It’s a very impressive game with a beautiful art style, an interesting narrative, inventive time-bending gameplay and world design that’s as intricate as a fine clockwork watch. We have 50 Clocker Steam Beta keys to give away! To enter just carry out any of the actions in the widget below. Winners will be notified on the 1st of January.

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Clocker – Steam Beta Key Giveaway!

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