Clone Drone in the Danger Zone – Alpha Key Giveaway


Clone Drone in the Danger Zone is a fabulous low poly robot sword fighting game with a wicked sense of humor that sees you battling for survival in an increasingly challenging robot death arena.

The robot overlords have decided to vaporize your puny human body and transfer your consciousness into a sword robot for their amusement. It’s up to you to fight your way through increasingly challenging arenas filled with traps, Sword bots, Archers and Spider Bot 5000’s using your plasma sword and unlockable skills.

The combat in Clone Drone in the Danger Zone is simple, but very satisfying, with your sword capable of cleaving any limb off the other battle bots or even slicing them in two. There’s some strategy to the combat too, as (a little like Samurai Showdown), the combat is very high stakes – get caught by a lucky sword strike and you’ll you’ll lose a limb or be cleaved in two yourself and it’ll be game over (unless you’ve purchased a clone back-up).

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone is still early in development, and the dev plans to add a lot more features, but it’s already great fun. The sword swinging combat is very satisfying and the robot commentators are a particular highlight, with lots of anti-human humor that’s fondly reminiscent of the the robot humor in Futruama.

The Clone Drone in the Danger Zone Developer has been kind enough to send send us 100 Alpha Keys to give away! To enter, simply enter your email details into the raffle widget below. Raffle winners will be notified tomorrow!

Note: Please note these are keys, not Steam keys! Raffle winners will be notified tomorrow.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone is Available to Purchase Here (Win & Mac)

UPDATE: Giveaway finished. Better luck next time!