Close the Windows, Lock the Doors – Game Jam Build

Close the Windows, Lock the Doors is a fun little fast paced murder ‘em up where you control a slavic evil spirit that must slay and consume all the humans on an idyllic little island.

In Close the Windows, Lock the Doors you take control of CHORT, an evil spirit with an insatiable hunger for fresh blood. To sate this hunger you must slay the inhabitants of a charming looking little island community, but to do so first you have to catch them!

If you run out of blood then it’s game over so time is of the essence then going for a kill. You can sprint, but it breaks you out of your default stealth mode, so it’s best to sneak up on your prey then use the sprint to quickly close the gap. You also have to plan your route around the island as the more distance between targets, the less time you’ll have to hunt them.

It’s a simple, but fun little game with some fantastic pixel art animation and a delightfully dark premise. A fast paced little murder ‘em up well worth taking a bite out of.

Download Close the Windows, Lock the Doors Here (Windows)