Closers – Open Beta

Closers is a spectacle-filled episodic massively multiplayer Anime action RPG with beat ‘em up-style combat that sees you attempting to close dimensional gates that have opened around the world and are now spewing out all kinds of nasty monsters.

We first featured Closers on Alpha Beta Gamer back in August during the Closed Beta and were very impressed with the art style and action focused combat. In the game you choose from a selection of ‘Closers’ – agents with psychic powers who are enlisted to close the dimensional gates that monsters are coming from. They each have their own fighting style and are able to pull off a variety of combos, juggles and special attacks as they attempt to drive the monsters back.

Unfortunately, there are free to play elements, such as only being able to use a character for four hours a day and quite a bit of grinding, but if you’re looking for a fast paced and fun multiplayer beat ‘em up experience you could do worse than picking up Closers. The combat is fun, the artwork is great, the narrative is suitably silly and the characters are very Anime. Join in now to punch those monsters back into the dimension they came from!

Download The Closers Beta Here (Steam)