Cloudbase Prime – Alpha Build Download

Cloudbase Prime

Cloudbase Prime is an excellent first person platformer/shooter that we first featured over a year ago, in which you control a mining robot with a genuinely funny AI companion and a nifty ability to rapidly shift ground tiles – propelling anything standing on-top (including you) of them way up into the air.

The latest Alpha build of Cloudbase Prime has just been released, and since we first featured it there have been a variety of great new additions and upgrades – both to the visuals and to the gameplay.  The most striking of these are the variety of new enemies to blast, from swarms of tiny little bots to gigantic floating tentacled behemoths.

Gameplay is still as satisfying as ever, with you shooting the ground to fire the hexagonal sections of land up and down in the air, propelling whatever is standing on top of them too.  Firing yourself high into the air is a great tactic for escaping danger, and it’s also just a joyously fun gameplay mechanic as you bounce up into the air and soar above your enemies.

It’s a wonderful experience jumping and blasting your way through Cloudbase Prime, the ground shifting gameplay feels unique and fun, and your AI companion is cheery, charming and genuinely funny.  Brilliant, bold, bouncy low poly fun.

Check Out a Cloudbade Prime Gameplay Video Here

Download The Cloudbase Prime Alpha Here (Win, Mac & Linux)