Cloudbase Prime – Alpha Download (Update)

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Cloudbase Prime is an odd, little first-person shooter/platformer we’ve covered before on Alpha Beta Gamer, but the dev (Tyrus Peace) has just released a new build with some significant additions and upgrades.

In Cloudbase Prime, you play as a hapless, robo-suited miner just trying to survive your first work shift on an unstable gas giant. To complete each level, you’ll need to alternate between using your energy cannon to blast away rogue robots and using a terraforming machine called the architect to navigate the world. The architect can target and move the planet’s hexagonal ground, allowing you defeat enemies and launch yourself high into the air. Through all this, you’ll be accompanied by a disembodied, robot voice that regularly offers up its thoughts on your actions (and giggles at your impending demise).

This latest Alpha build includes a new level/world as well as some amusing story bits in the game’s Intro and Level 2-2. This build is also sprinkled with loads of little enhancements, such as better background graphics and tweaks to boss difficulty. As it’s still in development there are a few frustrating bugs and game design issues. Some spawn locations are too far away from your death point (while others can cause you to fall through the ground forever), some levels feel a little sparse and the tutorial stage could explain things a little clearer.  The dev is receptive to criticism though, as evidenced by the addition of “feedback” button on the main title screen, so hopefully these issues will be addressed in future builds.

If you enjoyed the previous builds, you’re going to continue to enjoy these new additions, but those of you who weren’t thrilled by previous versions may not yet be swayed by these updates. Cloudbase Prime continues to improve with each iteration though – certainly worth keeping an eye on for some lighthearted and stylish first person action platforming.

Check Out Some GIFs Of The New Build Here

Download The Cloudbase Prime Alpha Here (Win, Mac & Linux)