Cloudbase Prime – Alpha Download

cloudbase prime alpha

Cloudbase Prime is a fantastic first person shooter/platformer with a beautiful low poly graphical style, huge enemies, a wicked sense of humor and the ability to propel yourself (and enemies) high up into the air.

We first covered the 2 year old Cloudbase Prime prototype a while ago and loved it, but the newly released Alpha build is far superior, with better polish, more enemies, multiple levels, different game modes, a boss fight and a bonus level featuring the huge walking tripod pictured above.

The gameplay mechanics are great fun to play around with.  You have the ability to shoot the hexagonal columns that make up the world into the air, propelling yourself or anything else standing on them high into the air.  This comes in handy for jumping from platform to platform, but also for escaping hordes of enemies (particularly in survival mode).

The striking visuals and fun gameplay of Cloudbase Prime are accompanied by a seriously funny voice-over from your robotic AI, full of laugh out loud moments and wickedly witty dialogue.  A ridiculous monologue about the evil robots family the first time you play a survival mode is a particular standout and easily on par with anything from Portal 2.

Great visuals, fun gameplay and hilarious audio make this a game we can’t recommend highly enough.  Prime yourself for big laughs and big fun!

Follow Cloudbase Prime’s Development HERE

Watch us die quite a lot in a Playthrough HERE

Download the Alpha HERE (Win, Mac & Linux)