Cloudbase Prime – Final Alpha Download

Cloudbase Prime download

Cloudbase Prime, being created by Tyrus Peace, is a super fast-paced, super fun and super bouncy FPS/Platformer that we’ve had the pleasure of covering quite a few times on Alpha Beta Gamer, so now that the final Alpha build before the game hits Early Access later this year has been released, we figured we’d check it out and see what cool new additions Tyrus has made.

In Cloudbase Prime, you play as a miner on his/her very first day on the job. Equipped with an robotic-like armour you must set forth on you first day of mining with the guidance of your boss/trainer. In the first few moments of learning the ins and outs of your role and rogue space shuttle smashes into the land before you, unleashing dozens upon dozens of rogue robots set to drill you out of existence. To avoid this you must use your super fast reflexes to dodge enemy bullets, use your energy cannon to obliterate them or use the ever awesome Architect, a high-tech device, that allows you to terraform the hexagonal terrain by either raising blocks beneath you to launch yourself into the air or drop the platforms to send the rogue robots plummeting to their deaths.

Cloudbase Prime is swimming with amazing content that will keep you in your seat from start to finish. This update, compare to the previous one we reviewed, includes more levels to play, an amazingly done tutorial level that guides you as you go, a lot of humour based in the story and from the fixbots you must find in each level and an awesome overpowered mode that activates once all fixbots are found in a level (wont spoil much here). The gameplay in Cloudbase Prime is incredibly enjoyable as well. Fast-paced first person shooter action blended in with platforming that you actually have complete control over gives you so many different options on how to reach each fixbot and also makes it more enjoyable when you destroy the rogue robots – being able to either blast them with your cannon or make them fall to their demise is extremely satisfying (and is funny to watch as well!)

For those readers that have been sitting on the fence as each of these versions have been released, you will not be disappointed this time. Cloudbase Prime has been fleshed out a lot more and is an extremely great ride from start to finish. Persons that have tried this game previously will love this build as well, as the game has just improved over time and doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.  With all the hard work Tyrus has put into it, we’re sure Cloudbase Prime will be a big hit when it reaches Early Access.

Download the Cloudbase Prime Alpha Demo Here (Windows, Mac and Linux)