Cloudbase Prime – Steam Early Access Key Giveaway


Cloudbase Prime, our favorite super bouncy, super funny low poly action platformer is now on Steam Early Access and to celebrate, we’re doing a giveaway!

Those that have followed Alpha Beta Gamer for a while will know we’re pretty fond of Cloudbase Prime. We’ve featured it several times on the site and followed its progress from a simple game jam prototype to the vastly expanded and visually spectacular version that’s currently on Early Access.

For those unaware, Cloudbase Prime is a fabulous low poly action platformer in which you control a mining drone with a very funny AI and a nifty ability to instantly shift the hexagonal columns that make up the game world up or down – propelling anything standing on top of them (including you) high up into the air.  As you progress you’ll explore beautiful low poly landscapes, rescue bots, fight corrupted robots, unlock new powers and battle huge bosses.

It really is a joy jumping around Cloudbase Prime’s super happy, low poly world and the latest early access release adds a whole lot of awesome new content and fun surprises. We have 20 Steam Early Access keys to giveaway for Cloudbase Prime! To enter the giveaway just enter your details into the widget below. The winners will be notified tomorrow.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

You Purchase Can Cloudbase Prime via Steam Here (Win, Mac & Linux)

UPDATE: Giveaway finished. Better luck next time!