Cloudfall – Open Alpha


Cloudfall is a charming explorative puzzle game that forgoes handholding, allowing you to freely roam, experiment and unlock the enviromnments hidden secrets.

It’s a wonderful and relaxing experience exploring the unique world of cloudfall, with no timers and no pressure – In Cloudfall you are safe, nothing can harm you.  You just explore and experiment with the worlds unique environment at your own pace, discovering and unlocking new powers.

The game was greated for rpgmakerweb’s 2014 indie game maker contest, and is still early in development so a lot of the artwork is just a placeholder, but already it’s a good looking game.  With a world full of experimentarion and discovery, it feels a little like a floating Fez at times, which it no bad thing.

Play the Alpha in a Unity supported browser HERE

Download the Alpha and vote for it HERE