Clouds of Farfisa – Game Jam Build Download

Clouds of Farfisa is a stylish, strange and very addictive retro styled arcade game where you attempt to survive for as long as possible while avoiding snake venom and the dancers who can push you off the screen.

Created for the Dream Arcade Archive game jam, Clouds of Farfisa is a wonderfully weird Arabian themed arcade game where you collect goodies on a dancefloor where everyone is dancing along to the psychedelic electronic funk of Første gir by Utheo Choerer. You don’t have to avoid all the other dancers, but you do have to avoid being pushed off the dancefloor by them and there are also a couple of snakes that spit deadly venom from the sides. The dance floor can get a little packed, but thankfully you have a special move (on a cooldown) which you can use to clear it a bit. You need to survive for as long as possible and collect the bonuses that spawn to earn a place on the high score table.

Clouds of Farfisa can be a little confusing initially, but once you get to grips with it then it’s a very addictive game. The vibrant pixel art visuals are mesmerizing, the gameplay is a lot of fun and the soundtrack is superb. See how long you can last on the dancefloor of this funky little game.

Download or Play Clouds of Farfisa Here (Win, Mac, Linux & Browser)