Clown Meat – Beta Demo

Clown Meat is a speedrun-focused precision splatformer where a clown made of meat sets out to cheer up a monolithic clown that crashed into Earth.

Currently in development by Autumn West and Talia bob Mair (creator of Swallow the Sea, Perfect Vermin and Brutal Orchestra), Clown Meat is a precision platformer where you’re a surprisingly adorable little clown made of meat. You are the latest in a long line of failed experiments by strange entities that came from the depths of Jupiter aboard a massive monolithic clown. The huge clown has turned the surrounding world into a wasteland and has had a strange effect on the survivors, who you’ll meet on your adventure.

The core precision platforming gameplay in Clown Meat is a little similar to Super Meat Boy, but with you able to switch into a meat-ball form that can roll and bounce at high speeds (and is invincible to spikes). It also has even more of a focus on speed-running than Super Meat Boy, with bronze, silver, gold and dev times to beat. Another big difference is the outside world where you get to meet and chat to an eclectic bunch of survivors of the clownpocalypse.

You can just stick to playing through the platforming levels if you like, but things get a whole lot more interesting when you go to one of the hub areas and get to know the locals. It’s not only a great way of getting to learn about the world and the survivors, but also a great way of getting to know your adorable little Clown Meat character, who has a chld-like naivety about that world that’s instantly endearing. There are also plenty of great little gags, as well as some poignant and harrowing survivor stories.

The precision platforming gameplay in Clown Meat is fast, fun and addictive, with some cleverly crafted multi-route levels, but it’s the world and the characters that will really keep you coming back. The meaty post-clownpocalypse world is a fascinating place to explore and it’s a real joy getting to know every character (even the Corpse Licker). It’s a game that will make you fall in love with a clown made of lumps of meat, which is no mean feat. Highly recommended.

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