Clucked Up! – Game Jam Build

Clucked Up! is a fun blood-splattered little puzzler where you are tasked with simultaneously moving six chickens through a farmyard filled with revolving deathtraps.

You start Clucked Up! With six chickens and a randomly generated assault course of fences and deadly traps standing between them and their henhouse. Your aim is to get them to the hen-house as fast as possible while losing as few as possible to the deathtraps. This would be easy enough if you could move the chickens independently, but they all move simultaneously and with very little regard for their own personal safety!

It’s reasonably easy to get all the chickens to the henhouse if you take your time, but you won’t earn any points. Your score is calculated by the amount of time you have left (out of an initial 100 seconds) multiplied by the amount of chickens you have left. You don’t have long so you really have to rush through the assault course and it’s likely more than a few chickens will go on a one way trip to the great farmyard in the sky in the process.

It’s a simple game, but addictive and a lot of fun, particularly due to the ridiculous improvised Rawhide cover that plays in the background. Good luck – you may save some chickens on your dash to the henhouse, but a whole lot of them are going to get Clucked Up!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Clucked Up! Here (Windows)