Clucky’s Picnic Adventure – Alpha Download

Clucky’s Picnic Adventure is a freaky first person horror game where you attempt to complete a weird glitchy video game while also fending off mutant chickens that keep breaking into your home!

In Clucky’s Picnic Adventure you return home to find a note written on your TV from your son. It seems he’s struggling to beat a video game and he’s asked if you can beat it for him. The video game in question is fairly simple and sees you walking around mazes and collecting fruit, but it seems to be a little buggy. Also, there is the small matter of the 6 foot tall flesh-eating mutant chickens that keep trying to break into your home…

This means you need to master the art of multitasking as you play the video game whilst also barricading doors, setting up traps and running away from the murderous chickens. Things start off fairly simply, but there are six levels of your son’s video game to play through and the chicken assaults become more challenging as you progress and the game world even starts to bleed into your own one.

It’s a great concept for a game and it gets extremely tense as you try to focus on the game (and how weird it gets) whilst also fending off the chickens. The physics-based survival gameplay is a lot of fun and the way the game world bleeds into your own one is a great touch (which has a lot of potential for expanding on in future builds). Frightful finger lickin’ chicken fun!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Clucky’s Picnic Adventure Alpha Here (Windows)