Clumsy Moose Season – Beta Download

Clumsy Moose Season

Clumsy Moose Season is a great new build, share and play game that plays like a mix between Happy Wheels and Terraria, with you gathering resources and building all manner of fun levels for you and your friends to play on.

You play as a silly moose that doesn’t realise it’s moose season and lives on an island inhabited by a bunch of angry rangers. You and your online moose friends can explore the island, gather resources and build all manner of fun courses to play about on. On the island there’s a whole host of silly pastimes you can partake in, such as riding motorcycles, hunting zombies and weird animals, crafting tools and vehicles, building houses and even riding dinosaurs.

There are plenty of world/level building games on the market now (some may say too many), but none with the wonderfully anarchic sense of humor that Clumsy Moose Season has. A very silly island, full of possibilities!

Note:  The Clumsy Moose Beta is only free to download until Feb 3rd, so get it quick!

Download The Clumsy Moose Season Beta Here (Win & Mac)