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CLUSTERTRUCK (Previously called Highway Flight Squad) is a spectacularly chaotic first person platformer in which you have to leapfrog between a herd of stampeding 18 wheelers with an aim of reaching the finish line without touching the ground.

The aim is simple – reach the finish line without touching the ground.  However, the way you reach the finish line is by standing atop (and jumping between) a herd of trucks that are careering out of control.  Make no bones about it this is not a convoy – there’s some semblance of order to a convoy – this is a stampede, a herd of 18 wheelers that have lost their shit and are charging for the finish line, with no though for their own safety (or those around them).

The random chaos of CLUSTERTRUCK is a joy to behold, with trucks colliding, rolling, jumping and flipping before your very eyes (and under your feet).  This randomness means you can’t memorize routes or plan more than a few seconds ahead, so success relies on quick thinking, skill and fast reflexes.  It’s no big deal if you do fail though, as the quick restarts mean you can jump instantly back into the action, and you do have some nifty wall-running and slowmotion skills at your disposal.

Even in these early Alpha stages of development, CLUSTERTRUCK is a joy to play – a chaotic, infectious and thoroughly addictive first person platformer that’s different every time you play it.  Trucking awesome.

Visit The CLUSTERTRUCK  Devs Website Here

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Check Out a CLUSTERTRUCK Gameplay Video Here

Download the CLUSTERTRUCK Alpha Here (Windows Only)

6 thoughts on “CLUSTERTRUCK – Alpha Build”

  1. Great game for skilled quicktime player like me ^^ lets see how far i can come doing some crazy shit with momentum! but the picture up there looks awesome on its own ^^ nice work

  2. Played the game once, played it twice, and after a couple more runs, I’m still enjoying it as if I just started. Trying to improve as much as possible my time. I’m currently clocking in at 9:18 min for the full alpha run! try and beat me ;)

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