CMYW – Alpha Demo

CMYW game

CMYW is a fun one to four player Asteroids-esque survival co-op space shooter in which you must blast asteroids, gather resources and defend your portal against increasingly deadly waves of enemies.

With it’s stylish vector based visuals and simple arcade blasting control scheme, CMYW really does harken back to the golden days of the arcade space shooter.  Playable with one to four players (the more the better), the goal is to work together against increasingly tough odds, to try and survive as long as possible and rack up a high score.

It’s a simple, stylish and fun arcade shooter that really comes into it’s own in multiplayer.

Check Out The Greenlight Page HERE

Download The CMYW Alpha Demo HERE (Windows Only)

2 thoughts on “CMYW – Alpha Demo”

  1. What this site doesn’t say is that when going to their page to download the Alpha, you have to donate or contribute money to download it, but you can pay your own price, and the minimum is a dollar.

    • Hi, sorry you’re mistaken. It is available for free – simply click ‘No thanks, just take me to the downloads’ after you’ve clicked the ‘download now’ link. Hope this helps.

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