co_bots – Alpha Download

co_bots is a clever little puzzle game where you cooperate with previous recordings of yourself to reach the goals of its deviously designed levels.

In co_bots you control little mono-wheeled robots whose goal is to collect (optional) microchips and reach the goal pads of each level. You can control multiple co_bots on each level and you can move one per turn. When you move a co_bot then its movements are recorded and will playback during your next turns with your other co_bots. This means that you can cooperate with previous versions of yourself in useful ways – such as opening gates, deactivating lasers or sacrificing one co_bot in front of a laser so that another can pass.

It’s a fun little puzzler with a great low rez 3D visual style and some very inventive puzzle design. The co_bots can cooperate with each other in lots of useful ways and you really have to think about your actions and plan ahead to crack its later levels. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The co_bots Alpha Here (Windows)