Cobalt – Alpha Download


Cobalt is a high paced, high energy, action packed shooter game developed by Oxeye Game Studio in collaboration with Mojang, the producers of Minecraft.

In the game you play as a unique looking android which you can upgrade both in appearance and functionality, whether it be bulking up, buying a riot shield and becoming a gigantic tank of steel, or jumping from ledges and sneaking around, sniping your enemies from tactical stealthed positions, the choice is completely in the hands of the player.

The style that Cobalt has taken is humorous yet intense, with comedic moments where you get shot down to a pulp and all that remains is a walking, gun wielding brain in a jar, and the thrill of pulling off an epic rolling jump and landing a grenade to an enemies head scoring a one hit KO.

With many different game modes, including multiplayer and endless survival maps, this game struggles to become tedious.  The controls are smooth, the gameplay is invigorating and the art is fresh – Cobalt is looking to be a great little piece of game development.

Download the Alpha HERE and let us know what you think!