Cobra Kai – Alpha Demo

Cobra Kai is a fun little fan made Cobra Kai beat ‘em up game which follows Johnny’s journey from that fateful tournament to running the most badass dojo in LA.

Created by Thatcher Productions (creator of Urban Lockdown and the Kill Bill fan game), Cobra Kai is a fan made retro side-scrolling beat-em up created in the OpenBOR engine. The current demo features two playable levels – the all-valley tournament from the original Karate Kid movie and a street level that takes place just after the tournament where you fight Cobra Kai members and Kreese.

In both levels you control Johnny in his black and yellow Cobra Kai outfit. The controls are fairly basic, but you can pull of simple single-button combos, counter-attack, do running and air attacks, and do the infamous “sweep the leg” move. In the full game you’ll also unlock more moves as you play, turning you into a real badass!

It’s a fun game that manages to capture a lot of the spirit of Cobra Kai, thanks largely to its excellent pixel art and some excellent chip-tune demasters of classic 80s tunes (including “You’re The Best Around”). When you’re out on those streets just remember the sage words of a wise sensei – the best defense is more offense!

Download The Cobra Kai Alpha Demo Here (Windows)