Code 7 – Student Project Download


Text adventures are wonderful when done well, but their very nature makes them feel a little archaic at times.  Not so with Code 7, this is a true evolution of the text adventure, with intelligent use of the interface, excellent voice acting and a surprisingly dark storyline.

Originally created as a project by students at Cologne Game Lab, it combines the text based interface with cinematic voice acting to create a truly immersive experience that really draws you in.   You play Alex, a hacker who has just woken up somewhere in a mysterious AI research lab.  You must use your hacking skills to assist your companion (Sam) breaking into security systems, unlocking doors and getting to the bottom of what’s really going on in this deeply unsettling place.

Throughout its hour long playtime Code 7 takes some pretty dark twists and turns, which combined with the tense and ominous atmosphere, will have you on the edge of your seat.  At the end of your playthrough you’ll be dying for more, and thankfully you’re in luck – Code 7 is now on Steam Greenlight with a bid to continue the story and expand it into a fully fledged game.  So if you think you can take more of this wonderfully tense modern take on the text based adventure, vote now!

The Autocomplete system can be used as a great timesaving device and a hint system if you get stuck.  When typing in a command, a list of possible autocompleted commands will be displayed – simply press ‘spacebar’ to autocomplete.  So if you get stuck, just start inputting single letters into the command line and seeing what autocomplete throws up.  Hacking made simple!

Vote for Code 7 on Greenlight HERE

Download Code 7 HERE (Win, Mac & Linux)