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Cognizance download

Cognizance is an incredibly inventive puzzle platformer from Daniel Linssen (Windowframe, Hopslide) in which you control a little cog that interacts with a vast array of mechanisms as you attempt to find its friends.

Taking place in one giant open level, it’s up to you to explore, solve puzzles, find your friends and make your way to the exit. Your little cog can interact with the surrounding machinery in a variety of interesting ways and can also allow you to scale vertical walls (as long as they have teeth).

Created during just 72 hours for Ludum Dare 36, it’s incredible the amount of inventive puzzle design on display in Cognizance. It’s a well crafted and challenging little pixel art puzzle platformer that’s packed full of moments that’ll make you say ‘ooooh that’s clever!’

Download Cognizance Here (Windows)

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