Coin Golf – Beta Download

Coin Golf is a fun little game that draws inspiration from the Fable Coin Golf minigame, with you attempting to nudge a coin through 18 increasingly challenging levels set up on tables in a rustic tavern setting.

The gameplay of Coin Golf blends mini-golf with the sort of precision coin sliding required in Penny Football or Shove Ha’Penny. You slide the coin by aiming in a direction and moving the mouse to set the power. It doesn’t take too long to get your precision coin sliding nailed, but the intricacy of the levels soon ramps up when the magical obstacles are introduced and each level has two different objectives – finish in as few moves as possible or collect the three hidden coins and reach the exit (which you can’t really complete in the same run).

It’s a fun game with high quality 3D visuals, easy to pick-up and play gameplay and plenty fun level design that requires you to put thought and precision into your shots. A great bit of table top coin sliding well worth checking out.

Download The Coin Golf Beta Here (Windows)

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